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Why Choose a Design and Build Company for your Home?

A family checking home design plans

The Advantage of Design and Build Companies

There are many ways to start a new home improvement project, and the first step is to find the right people to help you.. Typically, you would have to find an architect to plan (and design) your project and then find a separate contractor to build the project. Not only does this result in time wasted looking for the right contractor or architect, but contractors are not architects and architects are not contractors, so the disconnect between these two fields can leave you with projects that do not embody your original vision. Also, you need to consider the interests these two trades have, one is looking for great design and beautiful outcomes, the other is looking for functional construction that abides to certain rules and regulations. If they don't go well, you're stuck in the middle… This is where design and build companies come in, a one-stop shop for both architecture and construction. These companies save time, money, and resources due to their closeness in work and overall unification of processes. 

Efficiency and Flexibility with Design and Build

When working with a design and build company, decisions are functional without impacting overall design, you experience an agility throughout the process that you wouldn’t in a typical setting, as A1RE Solution's expertise in house construction makes it more efficient and optimized along the way. When building a project, having design in house means that you can optimize your schedule by prioritizing details based on the construction timeline. On the other hand, in a typical construction setting, a design change needed for construction purposes may take weeks to find a solution, all layouts, designs and detailed plans would have to be 100% complete before contractors can begin work, but when working with a design and build company things can be more fluid and follow the construction schedule in a more suitable way. This allows for quicker project completion overall while maintaining up to code standards and high quality outcomes.

Family-Centric Design Solutions with A1 RE Solutions

A1 RE Solutions focuses on family-centric design solutions, adding value to the home you already have and making a home better suited to the needs of your family . Working with a company like A1RE also means that making ad hoc design decisions to reduce cost and save money or put that money elsewhere into the project, happen with much more ease and fluidity, with a thoughtful evaluation of the impact and implications of every change on the value of your home as well. With a design that is family centric-focused, A1 RE aims to build your build’s equity and increase the market value of your home, if you ever do sell it. Through market-smart remodels, A1 RE Solutions’s goal is to improve build equity investment within the property smartly, and to make builds as efficient and goal oriented as possible. Working with A1RE means a value is placed upon consultation with you, allowing you to think about your project as a way to get the highest return value. All in all, working with a design and build company, specifically one like A1RE Solutions, allows you to build smart and live better.  


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